Thursday, March 12, 2009


the view of 1st world hotel

part of the outdoor games

in the skyway.... hihi

'Spinner' not that challenging anyway...... i still remember when i was young,
men pusing2 with my friends till terangkat2 then pening.... x sangka dpt feel again hahhahaha

fish fish fish... big fish at Dinosourland..... kuat makan diz go'ot btl the fish

indoor games in 1st world hotel...n there is starbuck cafe, feel in Venice hihi...

wanna feel how was the feeling suicide jumping from 18th floor of the building????
try 'Space Shot' but not advisable for those who have heart problems....i bet u wont try it for 2nd time... SCARY!!! when u're on the top, everything will running in u mind....

ever get in the roller coaster???? try this 'CorkScrew' another crazy game that we played haha

trip like a superstars.. walk along 'Starwalk'

who's wanna be the next robin hood??? heee

our class trip to genting highland....

dare to play and holding a big snake?????

meet the ghost...... hihi


  1. among all other games in genting, i enjoyed and love love love the space shot the most!!!!! ahhahahaha. i played that more than a couple of times. if it wasnt because ramai urg mau naik kan, i bet i'll be on it over and over again. it's so adrenaline pumping!!! kikikiki.

    p.s: ada kamu try tu macam "superman" di luar tu? the one which u have to pay rm10 per session. itu pun siok gila babi!!!!! ekekekeke.


  2. Gila nya inden.. Nek syiok men Space Shot banyak kali.. Hahaha.. Yups.. Its A must game to try when u over der unless u gayat or easily pingsan.. Haha.. Comform kickkk.. Still remember when i was der last time, der a group of teenage girl so de minta puji plus overly excited to ride de Big-Boat-Game which i forgot its name turns out crying out scared bfore de game just started.. LOL.. stupid girls.. Miss de day im having fun der..

  3. Our blogs seem to have the same title. Yet we share different opinions on what adolescence is. While you write about walks in the park and games I rejoice writing about stuff that actually happens to teenagers. I invite you to read it once in a while. You may not agree with it but at least you cant say it isn't cool that someone write does posts up! Come by any time -Nat